Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day 6

Today is going to be a very sad day. Today is the day we get to celebrate your life. I will tell you more about it when we are done. Just wanted you to know my heart is aching just as much for you this morning as it was yesterday. I love you, baby.

What a rough morning. We had your service today. It was so hard, but so great to celebrate you. You impacted so many. You lived three short months and changed our lives and many others. Pastor Craig talked and did such a great job. Papa read the letter that we wrote you. Grandpa Bruce talked and he did great, too. Daddy and Mommy worked hard on a slideshow for you. We played it. I love looking at your pictures. Looking at YOU. Pastor Craig hit your personality right on. You were so happy. So smiley. Loved to be held. You laughed beautifully. We loved holding you sooo much. The service was so hard not to just cry and cry, but we were so strong. You casket was so small. I wanted so bad to just snuggle you. SOOOOO many people came to celebrate and honor you. The sanctuary was packed. They even had to add more chairs in a different room and live feed a video of the service to them. You are loved.

After the service, we went and all of the people who came, came and gave us hugs. It helps so much to know so many people are praying for us as we greive the loss of you. I can't even say how many people were there. Lots... all the family of course. All of Daddy's.... all of Mommy's (complete with the family from Boise), the entire staff at Lakeside, the staff from the Henneberg's, many friends.... again, you are so loved. We ate some food. Then, headed to the graveside service.

Daddy carried you to your resting spot. It was so sweet. Pastor Craig said another prayer. Daddy, Cashy, and I kissed you. It was hard to think that's just where you will be. Sometimes, I wish I could come dance with Jesus with you. I want to see what you look like. I want to touch you. But, I know you are ok. Jesus is loving on you so much.

After the service, we all went to Grandma Karen's. It was so nice to be with family. We ate and were able to laugh. I miss you so much, sunshine. Once again, I'd do anything to be laying here nursing you rather than writing to you. Let me say that again... I'd do ANYTHING to be laying here nursing you rather than having to write to you. Love you baby. Talk to you tomorrow.

I just posted your picture to the SIDS webpage. I've been putting it off. Makes it feel so real. Hoping we can find support and help others not to have to experience what we've been through. Love you, baby.

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