Birth Day

March 16th, 2012 will forever be one of my favorite days ever- the day you were born.

Your birth story starts at 39 weeks. I'd gone in for our routine weekly appointments and you were found to be breech! You had been head down the week before... I don't remember any large movements like you had done a flip in there... but you had. You were constantly moving in my belly. Maybe you turned around and around in there all the time. I talked our options over with our physician and called Daddy. We decided to get a version done. Dr. R would try to flip you manually. This had to be done at the hospital in case an emercency c-section was needed. So, we trudged over to the hospital and Daddy got off work. I was given a shot of Terbutaline and an IV. IV's aren't easy on your momma. No one can ever get them in... normally (every other time I've had one) an anethesioligist usually has to do it. This nurse was awesome and got one in after a few attempts. Dr. R came in, along with a few students, fired up the u/s machine... and you were found to now be head down! Again, I don't remember or recall you flipping or any crazy motions. Daddy and I were so excited to meet you. We were really bummed! Thankful, of course, but disappointed. We thought the version wouldn't work and we'd be doing a c-section that afternoon. We wanted you in our arms! So, we just went home. Daddy went back to work.

Fast forward a week- to week 40. Your due date was here! You still weren't... you seemed happy in there. I thought for sure you'd be here before your due date... you fooled me! At our appointment, I was examined and found to be far enough along to induce labor by breaking our water today! I was so excited. Dr. R quickly remembered he had plans in the evening, but we said we were going over. He kiddingly (maybe slightly serious) said we had to deliver by 4 so he could get to his party. We trekked over to the hospital again, this time KNOWING we would meet you today. We got into our room and met our nurse. Let me tell you- she was the best nurse to have while in labor. She was funny and fun... kept us laughing all day. We loved her. Water was broken at 11 and so the fun began. We walked the halls for hours trying to avoid Pitocin. When I got sick of hearing, "You are still walking?!"... I bounced on the ball in our room. We watched TV. We talked. Listened to tunes and talked all about you. At 6, Dr. R came and we still hadn't made a ton of progress considering we'd been working all day. Dr. R left to go to his party. We got assigned a new nurse. She was excellent, too. So sweet. She'd recently had a natural delivery which is what we seemed to be aiming for... she was a very good encourager. The anethesiologist came and asked if I wanted an epidural. I said no. New nurse said she'd be back to put you on the monitor in an hour and said to let her know if anything happened. Things picked up a bit. TV was no longer distracting. The hour went by very fast. At 7, we were hooked back on the monitors and I said I couldn't do it. At this point, an epidural sounded great. New nurse checked and found you right there! She ran to call Dr. R and grabbed some nurses to help out. Your nurse (the baby nurse) came, too. Everyone was telling me not to push... that I had to wait. But, I didn't care. At one point, I even said aloud that they were trained to catch babies... it'll be fine. Dr. R finally showed up. He came sauntering in and delivered you in his party shirt! Not suited up... no even time to take down the bed. You were placed right on my chest and my first thought was that you were stunning! You were so beautiful and I felt so happy you were finally here. I'd waited so long and was so worried something was going to happen to you in my belly. You'd arrived safely! You nursed right away and for a long time. We got to spend so much time bonding... I'm so glad we did. You were finally weighed an hour or so later... 7 lbs and 8 oz. The perfect size. You came out perfect. We were thrilled. We were blessed with such a beautiful, healthy girl... Jovi Sloan.


  1. Beautiful photos. Beautiful moments to cherish forever.

    Thanks for taking the time to link up.

    Our babies were born only a week apart, but Finley only stayed for 3 days. But no amount of time will ever be enough.

    Sending love.

  2. What a beautiful birth story and a beautiful girl. And now she would be 15 months old. Wow.