Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day 13

13 days.... it feels like a million. We still think of you in our routine. Life is so sad without you here. I wish you were in the car today crying as we did our errands. I wish you were needing to be nursed... I miss you soooo much. We went and visited you today. Did you see us? We brought you some of your favorite toys. I know you can't use them... it's more for us. And for you to see. I bet you can see them. It was sad to visit you. I can't believe we have to go visit you and you just aren't here. We went swimming with Evie, Milo and Auntie Joanna today. Cashy is such a good swimmer. It makes me sad you didn't get to swim with us. Are you swimming in heaven? Is there water to swim in? You'll have to give me a tour... anyway... then we ate Subway and went to the park. Then, we visited you. I want to look up some cute things to do for you. It's a good spot in the cemetery. Right off the road by some trees. You are surrounded by other babies and kids. We felt it was right for you. Then, we went to Lowes. Since we are bored without you here, we dedided to start a home project. We are fixing up the bathroom. Well, Daddy is. He is painting it. He took down the big mirror and the light fixture. It'll look so good when it's done, I think. Kathleen brought us dinner. Chicken garlic and pepperoni and bacon pizza. It was delicious. I went to Zumba for the first time since I was like 20 weeks prego with you. It was really nice. Fun, actually. It was a good workout. Jamie, the instructor, is doing a donation event for you. The community has really surrounded us in love and prayer. We have been very blessed. People have written us so many beautiful cards and sent us money. Brought us so much food... People have been more than generous to us. I went and got a wet suit from Nana and Papa for our race... It was an okay day today. I Miss you more than I could ever say. I'm realizing there is going to be a hole in my heart forever. But, I'd rather it be there. It was your spot and it won't ever be filled. I love you, sunshine. Give Jesus a big kiss for me. :)

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