Thursday, August 16, 2012

Happy Birthday, Baby.

It's been far too long since I've kissed those sweet cheeks.

It's your 5 month birthday today. No mommy should have to wish their baby "Happy Birthday" in Heaven.  I hope you are getting a celebration in Heaven. This birthday has been harder than last months. Maybe because you have been gone for an entire month birthday... we've missed your entire 4th-5th month. That is heartbreaking. Today has been very tough. I miss you so much and wish I didn't have to send my birthday wishes to Heaven.

We have been keeping busy around here. Going from playdate to playdate. Cash loves playing with friends and I love chatting with the mommies. I don't doubt you check in on us and make sure we are doing ok. We are hanging in there as best we can.

I read your ER note. It was so hard. Nothing stings like "There was no heartbeat ever". But, I'm your mommy so I had to read it. Sadly, it's a piece of you I have here.

Do you remember the last photo shoot I did of you? You looked so cute. I am so glad I took them. They are some of my favorite pictures.

Do you eat cake in Heaven? If so, I hope you get a big ole' piece. I miss you so much. I love you to Heaven and back.


  1. Oh molly! Im tearing up as i read this. You are right no mommy should have to wish their baby happy birthday in heaven. The only comfort we have is that our sweet savior jesus is holding your precious baby and there is no greater place to be. I read a passage of a description if heaven in the bible and it was wonderful. You can rest assured that she is in that wonderful and glorious place with the Father. Prayers and Love <3 -Lacey

  2. Revelation 21 was the scripture I mentioned :)