Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I've been doing new devotional called 365 Days of Hope by Nancy Guthrie. It's been really good. Mostly, everyday I walk away with some new information I didn't know before. I always like some verse in the scripture reading for that day. Today was all about Jesus and how He felt His soul was crushed with grief. He felt how I feel. I can, honestly, find comfort in that. That, again, I'm not alone. He even on the cross asked God, "Why have you forsaken me?". He felt abandoned. Forgotten. While I've never been angry with God, I can say I've felt forgotten. I've been reading stories of Him raising so many from the dead and healing so many of those that were sick, it made it impossible not to think why didn't He save Jovi? Jesus felt forgotten... forsaken... and abandoned. He wasn't saved. BUT, the glory and the immense good that came from Jesus's death is overwhelming. He saved millions. I can't even begin to describe what His death did. I can only hope that Jovi's death will bring an ounce of that goodness. I don't doubt that God will turn this into something good. I know I've said it before, but it's making so much sense today. It's, also, so comforting to know that I'm not alone. Even Jesus felt despair.

My sweet girl has already had the opportunity to save one life that we know of... we donated Jovi's heart valves. We will get to know when they save another baby's life. I'm so proud of her.

These pictures aren't the best, but I always remember Jovi in this outfit. This was, also, the day I painted her lil toenails.

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