Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cash Johnny Cash

My oh my... how this boy has saved me. He makes me get out of bed in the morning. He makes me smile. He makes me laugh. He makes life go on. Someday I will have to tell him how he really helped hold his mommy and daddy together. He has kept us going. Some funny things he's said lately...

"Mom, I love girls."

"Mom, pretend your necklace is a spaceship. And it has a really big flame that will burn you."

Me- "Cash, whats your middle name?"
Cash- "Cash Johnny Cash."

He's starting soccer soon, so he got some soccer shoes/soccer socks. He wore the socks for 48 hours straight and the shoes have been worn everywhere... even to the Kroc Center.

Just a little of what Cash has been up to... I wish I wrote everything down that he says. At some of my saddest moments, the things he says still make me laugh. I'm soooo thankful for my Cash Johnny Cash.

Cash is the best big brother...

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