Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I, often, focus so much on Jovi's death rather than life. I, often, focus so much on how our life has been or how we've felt or what has happened since Jovi died and I don't remember that she lived. While she lived, she brought us so much joy. And through her life, she made us into a lot of new people. Her life should be thought of more than her death. She was such a joy. The easiest baby ever. So very sweet. She was my little snuggle bug. She loved being held (while her brother never did). These last few days I've realized that she taught me so much while she was here. She made us all into something different, new and better when she was born.

Jovi made us feel complete as a family. We, often, said how content we were with our two kids. She came into our family and she fit right in. We had always said we wanted more, but when she came along, we were suddenly content. Content with our life. Content with our family. Happy.

Jovi made me the mommy of a little girl. What woman doesn't dream of having a little girl someday? I always visioned myself having all boys... but I always wanted a girl. God gave me Jovi and I was so excited to get the chance to be a mommy of a girl. I looked forward to dressing her up and putting together different combinations of outfits (complete from headbands to shoes) every day. You could already tell her sweet demeanor and content personality was much different from her brother's... even as a baby. I always felt so lucky... so blessed to have her.

Jovi made her daddy into a "daddy's girl". Daniel still says all the time how much more gentle he was with her. How he was so gentle changing her diaper and he never felt like that with Cash... or how he was so much more gentle getting her dressed. She never cried, because we never let her. He was quick to pick her up, too. He'd say he never knew how he was going to discipline her because she was just so sweet. She had her daddy wrapped around her finger... I don't think he ever thought a little girl could do that. But she did. She came and made her daddy gentle.

Jovi made Cash a big brother. And my oh my, was he a good big brother. He loved her. He never was mean to her or ever directed any jealousy or anger toward her. He asked about her all the time. Always asking where she was if she was napping... always keeping tabs on where his baby was. Jovi came and made her brother loving. It was so fun to see them interact. She was just getting to where she'd giggle at him... she loved watching Cash. He'd sing her songs and she'd love it. She loved her big brother and he equally loved her just as much.

Jovi made me strong. Daniel was working out of town when she was born. She had a lot of weird issues she did. So many of which I handled all by myself. I used to think I couldn't do things by myself. But, after ER visits, doctor visits, studies, hospital stays... all by myself, she taught me I could. She taught me I'm much stronger than I give myself credit for. She made me strong.

She taught me so much more about God and she made us incorporate Him more in all of our lives now than ever before. Jovi brought God into our home. Every. Single. Day.

I'm so grateful for her. I'm so thankful for her. I'm so thankful for her life.

Jovi girl- you were so good. You were the easiest baby even though you were terrifying. I cherish every single snuggle we had... I am so thankful for YOU and for everything you taught me. I love you so much, sunshine, to Heaven and back.


  1. I love this post! So positive! Something we need to remind ourselves as we go through all the pain!

  2. This was so touching, Molly. You honor Jovi & you honor God in a way that takes my breath away.

  3. This post is so beautiful! <3 I love that you can put a "happier" perspective on your life with Jovi. It is so easy to live those horrible moments everyday....that is what consumes us...unfortunately. But, I am so glad that you can think of her and all of her good memories that she brought to each of you. That just shows your incredible strength. It is not an easy thing to do. I admire you...thank you for the reminder to put happy thoughts of our baby girls into our days rather than the horribleness.

    Hugs to you momma!