Sunday, December 22, 2013


Dear Jovi,

You have the sweetest brother. He misses you so much. He asks about you so much. He talks about you so much. He sleeps with Jovi Bear snuggled right next to him and says, "It makes me feel like I'm snuggling Jovi". 

Did you see what he did the other day? He saw a man asking for money outside of Walmart. He had a broken leg. Cash was very concerned about him and wanted to go home to take him some of his very own money. We went home, put Cash's money in a bag, added some treats and took it back. Cash gave it to him... And it was all his idea. He has a kind heart. 

I owe Cashy so much. He saved us when you left. He kept me breathing and living. He saved me. He made me keep going. He kept me laughing. He kept me smiling. He gave me a reason to get out of bed. 

He is scared, too. He's scared of losing another sister. The other day he said he didn't want Lila to die. It breaks my heart he has to know. He has to know hurt. He has to know fear. And that he has to worry about another sister... 

Cashy misses you. So much. He still remembers his first sister all the time. 

I love you to Heaven and back. 


He is so silly 

He helps carry Christmas trees
He goes bowling 


  1. This is so sweet ❤️ what a great big brother!

  2. Cashy is such a great big brother to both of his sisters!