Saturday, March 1, 2014


Just when life is going well... and you start to feel happy... something comes that knocks you off your feet again.

That's about where I am at.

Jovi Sloan, I miss you more than yesterday. Your birthday is around the corner and I keep praying, asking God for Jovi dreams. Dreams where I get to see a two-year-old you. I wish I could hear your voice say mama. I wish I could see you run. I wish I could put your hair in a pony. It's the little things... the little things we take for granted everyday that I wish I could do with you. I'd do anything to wish you happy birthday and give you your birthday cake. Life is so unfair, sometimes. You are missed. Every minute of every day.

I love you, Jovi girl, to Heaven and back.


  1. Yes the little things we never get to do with our girls. I'm sorry y don't get to do those things with jovi.

  2. You are the strongest person I know, Molly.

    You WILL get through this.

  3. Yes - I have a video with Link - just us hanging out in bed one morning - singing little songs, tickling, laughing. The quality is not good - it's dark and grainy - but it's one of my favorites. It's those simple, sweet moments we miss the most. Praying for you to feel her close & have those dreams & know that she is happy and well.

  4. Molly, Looking forward to being able to help out on Sunday to get the word out and support. I lost my grandson on Nov 4, 2012 to SIDS at 5 weeks. Every day is a stuggle for me, let alone his parents. I will be 'giving' in memory of Jovi & Max, my guardian angel.

  5. I am nobody. But, I just learned who JOVI is. Ahhhh, beautiful baby Jovi. I took my son (3 year old) Shepherd to JUMP FOR JOY today in Coeur d' Alene and was given a card with an act of kindness of a paid admission for him to run, play, and JUMP FOR JOY in honor of Jovi. Your kindness was appreciated and enjoyed fully. I look forward to meeting Jovi one day too. Thank you again for spreading the love - to Heaven and back..........Karen Harker