Friday, June 20, 2014

She turns 1!

Lila June turned 1! And what a celebration we had! 

LJ- words can never explain what you've done for my heart. Words could never explain the sheer joy you've brought to our home. You love life. I know God sent you down to be a smiley, happy little lady to fill our home with many more smiles and much more happiness. The year has been hard. I've had times I thought you had died and I can't begin to explain the heartache and stress that was/is. It was worth every second of stress, though. 

You walk! You are walking all about. I'm so surprised considering you were so lazy. 

You talk! You say ball, baby, and mama. You had lots of ear infections and just got a set of tubes (talk about stress). All these words came after they were put in, so I'm so glad we did them! 

You laugh! Your laugh is the best sound. 

You smile! You love life. I say it all the time. You are filled with joy. Always smiling and always happy. You do everything in a BIG way. Not just chubby big ;) 

I can't wait for millions of more days, memories, and milestones with you. 

It's days like these that I remember I am blessed. 

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  1. YAY!! Happy Birthday Lila! And you deserve a party, too, Molly for surviving her first year. I think that of every parent, but ESPECIALLY the parent of a rainbow. Noelle is now entering the highest SIDS risk months and it is stressing me out to the max, but I love seeing posts like this. They give me hope and joy!! Lila is just beautiful. LOVE her smiles and rolls :) Congrats!